A FREE Financial awareness program specifically designed for Women !!

How this Program works

Breaking the the belief that MONEY DOESN’T GO WITH WOMEN ..

We have designed this program to help Women understand, manage and Grow money independently so they become financial independent and help their family financially.

Why women ?

Women, in many ways, are able to be very successful in occupations that involve the combination of money, risk taking and risk management.

And a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that they are hardwired that way.

Ø Men let their pride get in the way of their decision making process and women don’t.

Ø Self-Awareness is the single most important characteristic among elite traders.

Why to know about money?

  • To close the other gap – Wage gap
  • Secure you from the unknown
  • Enable you to care for loved ones
  • To fund your charitable causes
  • You will have to do it anyway
  • It’s your money
  • You live longer
  • There is no time like the present
  • You set an example
  • It’s easier than you think
  • It’s empowering


Financial habits of parents which affect their child financial future .. so you can create a better future for your kids by educating them about most important commodity in life ” MONEY”.

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