Our program aims to reveal the trader inside you - covering topics like trader psychology, adapting mindsets to market scenarios, controlling hesitation on entry, applying trading systems, being mindful of fear & greed, chasing the market and more
3 Hour Weekend Classes

Mentorship from
expert traders

Hands-On Stock Trading

Trade your own
stocks with advice from seasoned traders

Guidance For Trading At Home

Weekly stock trading goals

Trader Psychology 101

Control decisions &
improve financial discipline

Program Structure (1 Year)

  • Learn 6 proven strategies for buying and selling to make quick margins
  • Beat inflation hands down and learn to grow compounding.
  • Learn strategies for identifying market trends.
  • Find out how legendary traders have made a fortune in the industry.
  • Get first hand experience on how to quarry maximum insight from software reports.
  • Study the thumb rules to eliminate common trader errors such as forcing mediocre trade setups, misreading the market or exiting trades too early.
  • Workshops on the good practices and mindset/psychology that every trader should have.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Program?

Stock Market Traders

Wanting to make their
money's worth on the market

Professionals/ Business Owners

Who want to earn and
grow their savings

Home Professionals

People who wish to have a
stable career at home

Who wish to start a second business

Control decisions &
improve financial discipline


I’m super excited with the new scenarios and the hands on trading experience i’m gathering.

Nitin Gupta

am seeing my margins grow and also learning trading systems that I would have not been aware of 6 months ago.

Snehal Pachpol

Ever since I started interacting with Aarya Consulting, I have never gone to bed worrying about money.

Vivek Kushwah