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With this one of a kind workshop we discussed in detail about what’s Money and how it shapes your real world with regards to money and wealth. People understood here why they are struggling with this money and how they can overcome these wrongs beliefs with simple techniques and change the way money manifest in their life.

Being a child it is very important to understand MONEY as a concept and let them be aware in this financial jungle and thrive with success …

Kids learn very fast and its lasts long so we have designed this workshop specifically to teach them basics about Money and personal finances

Age Group: 9-14 yrs

The workshop includes basic concepts and practical activitives to keep the learning for longer .. This workshop is perfect gift you can give to your child for better future !!!

  1.   Understand Money
  2.   Pennywise & Pound foolish
  3.   What is profits and Loss
  4.   Why Goal setting , Prioritising & Budgeting
  5.   What is Personal Finance (Concept of loan Loan, Banking & Financial Transactions)
  6.   8th Wonder of the world - Power of compounding
  7.   What is inflation?
  8.   The concept of Investment and options
  9.   Why Entrepreneurship ?
  10.   Concept and Preparation to build successful business
  11.   Minimum 10 Ideas kids can start own business