A Trader Within Presents

Mind Mastery Trading Psychology Workshop

A fantastic workshop for anybody looking to find out more about Psychology trading. Meet and interact with the senior team at Event.
The event will cover the following topics:
  • How to develop a strategic psychology process to enhance your trading decisions
  • The importance of understanding trading psychology fundamentals
  • What we do at A Trader Within and how we trade the global financial markets
In this session you will learn how trading is linked to human psychology. You will come to know the mind skills which are required to become a good trader. As a bonus, you will learn a very special technique to quickly de-stress yourself in just few seconds.
Master your inner game of trading
Learn how to be emotionally balanced while trading
Learn our Diamond Trading Strategy: Simple & Effective
Learn how to be a profitable trader

Event Details


1st September, 2019


10 AM to 5 PM


The E - Square hotel level 6,
E-Square, 132 university road,
Pune 16

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Key Takeaways Of This Workshop

Develop your mindfulness practice
Use a straightforward method to address limiting patterns
Sharpen your mental skills in trading
Identify positive and limiting patterns in your trading
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