Why Equity?

If you don’t want to risk your money in investments but also want a decent return out of it, equity is the ultimate solution. Equities share have given the wonderful returns over long run not only in India but world over. Equity gives you two kinds of return, one is speculative and another is fundamental growth. The speculative gain is gain from the short term price movement of shares whereas fundamental growth results in a long term profit. Investment for long run is not only rewarding but also beats inflation by a good margin and creates wealth.

Benefits of Equity Share

Equity shares offering many benefits from the perspectives of investment and financing. Here are the major advantages of equity.

  1.   There are no charges over the assets involved to issue equity shares.
  2.   It is a permanent and stable source of raising capital.
  3.   In the case of profit, shareholders gain an increase in dividend.
  4.   The value of the shares also gets appreciation in the case of profits.

Tax Benefits of Equity

  •   Completely tax free
  •   No tension regarding long-term capital gains
  •   The option to set off capital gains
  •   Utilize the carry forward option to save your taxes
  •   Earn extra tax benefits by investing your money with Equity Linked Saving Scheme
  •   Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme

How we can help ?

We minimize risks and maximize profits through the use of equity derivatives. We use our knowledge of share market and help you invest in equity which results in building a large corpus for your future financial needs as it gives high returns in the long run. Lastly, we help you invest in the equity of reputable companies which gets you an added benefit of dividends.