How we can help?

We believe that the true meaning of education lies in students understanding and dealing with financial literacy and hence learning how to enhance and empower their lives at an early, developing age. Education is the basic foundation of every skill an individual can develop and master. Financial education will help individuals demonstrate self responsibility for financial security. Hence, we have included in our curriculum a plan that will educate students as to how they can make, retain and grow money, therefore achieving financial freedom in their lives.

We have come up with a plan that will help people from every age group to understand some very basic concepts about money and investment.

The Money Game (Age 8-14 yrs)

- What is Money?

- Why don't we have a big house?

- Why do you work on weekends?

Do you get these kinds of questions from your kids? Make them go through "The Money Game".

The Investment Game (Age 15 -25 yrs)

- What I will do once I Grow Up?

- Will I be Rich?

- Should I spend or save?

- Will I make money in Job or Business?

Get your Answers from "The Investment Game".

The Wealth Game (Age 25 - 45 yrs)

- What is Wealth?

- How much I save or invest?

- What are different instruments for wealth creations?

- Will I become Financially Free?

The Life Game (Age 45 yrs +)

- What is Financial Freedom ?

- Will I be able to financially free?

- Can I choose to not have to work in my life?

- Will I be able to pursue my Passion Ever?

We assure that our knowledge of money will help you live a better, richer life. Come, join us!