How this program works?

A signature program introduces and delivers what we believe is important for a Part time / Full Time Trader !!! A program which delivers It is not a joke to say that confidence and consistency come from within, not from any magic indicator or setup. Of course you need setups and of course you need to be able to read the tools you use. But your greatest tool is your mind When was the last time you put any effort into learning how to use your mind better to develop the high level of consistency you’d like?

What would it be like for you to be trading consistently, day in and day out, week in and week out? Where would your confidence be if you knew you were on top of your trading game? How would you feel if you knew you were doing the right things in your trading – minimizing unforced errors, sticking to your plan, practicing sound money management, maintaining composure and poise in your trading, and exercising positive and reliable trading actions?

Trading Coaching

Whether you are an institutional trader or a day trader, Our program can help you control your emotions, improve your discipline and consistently make the right decisions.

My Coaching

Can help you in two ways, eliminating common trading errors and correcting mental game problems. Many traders assume their trading errors can be easily eliminated with greater ability to read charts, improved technical analysis, or more detailed knowledge of the markets. But errors such as forcing mediocre trade setups, hesitating on entries, exiting trades too early, chasing the market, and sticking with a losing trade too long often are caused by underlying mental game problems. Greater trading knowledge can’t overcome the mental or emotional problem holding you back. That’s why traders work with me. I help them correct the problems they cannot.

Traders also struggle with the following problems, and I’m an expert at solving them:

– Lack of discipline

– Fear (Losing money, missing out, giving back profit, etc)

– Impatience

– Not trusting your gut

– Greed

– Anger (Mistakes, losing money, revenge trading, etc)

– Transitioning from the simulator

– Overconfidence and a loss of confidence

– Misreading the market

– Keeping up with the evolution of trading What will I learn? Who is the Target Audience?

– Expand your knowledge of trader psychology and the performance impact created.

– Accelerate your trading education.

– Eliminate the dreaded Trader Time Warp.

– Analyze yourself, your strategy and your results and take massive action to improve no matter how good you already are.

– Know the hidden secrets to trader psychology.

– Learn the key perspectives necessary for massive trading success.

– Ignite or reignite a passion for trading with a new level of understanding.

– Understand why trading is seemingly so simple yet simultaneously challenging.

– Increase trading performance by addressing or avoiding common pitfalls.

– Maximize trading results by minimizing scope.

– Discover a new and empowering perspective on losses – you’ll never think of them the same way.

– Customize strategies for the best trader psychology fit.

– Increase your clarity about the role your mindset plays in the profitability equation.

– Excel at trading by exceling at understanding yourself.

– Deploy simple strategies for trading longevity.

Anyone who is interested in improving trading results through trader psychology understanding and optimization.

– Anyone looking on valuable knowledge on how to simply and easily avoid common performance issues related to trader psychology.

– Anyone of any age who wants to know more about a winning trader mindset and what it can do to enhance returns.

– This course is suitable for beginner as well as active traders to build their knowledge and experience in stock trading. The program encapsulates expert recommendations, goal oriented modules, technical & fundamental analysis of the share market and an insightful look into the qualities of successful stock traders.

– This course is not about strategy creation, developing a plan from scratch or an beginners  guide to trading. Students looking for that should not enroll in this particular course. This course is about addressing the psychological considerations in trading which only happen once a trader has started trading.


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